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Welcome to Silk Road

 Carpet & Rugs

Experience the luxury and beauty of Silk Road carpets and rugs! Our family-run business, based in the USA, brings crafted designs from Turkey to our customers in New York and New Jersey. Indulge yourself in the unique styles of Silk Road

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Explore the World's Finest Carpets and Rugs from the Silk Road.

Welcome to Silk Road - the best place to discover the magnificent carpets and rugs of the world. Our products provides access to the finest carpets and rugs crafted from the rarest materials and made by expert artisans from across the globe. With Silk Road, you can bring a bit of the world into your home and transform it into a unique and luxurious living space.



Silk Road offers luxurious carpets and rugs that are fabricated from the finest materials. All of their products are meticulously crafted in Turkey and shipped with care to their warehouse and showroom in New Jersey. With Silk Road, you can enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of high-end carpets and rugs at an affordable price.

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